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Business Advice Center
In order to provide our clients with a complete business sales service, a qualified solicitor with over 10 years professional experience can now provide quality legal services to our clients at highly competitive prices. Simply by keeping down our overheads and not being greedy www.amberglobelegal.com is able to provide our clients with an outstanding value for money service. If you would like a quote then please contact us today on 0800 567 7147 or email quotes@amberglobelegal.com
If you are looking for bank finance to fund your business purchase then we recommend that you talk with our independent finance broker. Because of his many years working at a senior level for a major high street bank he has had more success with finance applications than anyone else we know. He has helped numerous purchasers of businesses that we are selling, including buyers who have been turned down by their own bank! Call us today on
0800 707 6370 or email ti@amberglobe.co.uk
Featured Business
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Former Childrens Activity Centre - Penrith
Location: North West
Price: £25,000
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Established Leasehold Day Nursery - Gtr Manchester
Location: North West
Price: £189,995
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Popular Leasehold Day Nursery - West Yorkshire
Location: Yorkshire
Price: £35,000
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Location: {Unavailable}
Price: {Unavailable}